What is a Pack Meeting?

The monthly pack meeting brings together boys from every den, their leaders, and their families, to participate in a large-scale event that serves as a showcase for everything the boys have learned and done in their individual den meetings. The pack meeting gives the boys a larger experience beyond their own den, and helps them to connect their individual activities to the entire Cub Scouting program.

The Pack Meeting Location

Our Pack always meets on the Third Friday of the month at 7PM in the Weathersfield Elementary School Multipurpose Room.

Pack Meeting Attendance

Cub Scouting is a family program. Pack meetings are for families—parents or guardians, brothers, sisters, and other family members—as well as all the Cub Scouts, den leaders, and pack leaders. It is the place where we host events, share our skills, and grow as a family.

A Typical Pack Meeting Agenda

Cub Scout pack meetings include the following parts:

Before the Meeting.

Adult leaders in the pack gather to be sure the meeting place is prepared: the room is set up, exhibits and displays are prepared, equipment is ready, and the agenda is distributed.


A gathering time provides interesting things for boy and families to do while waiting for everyone else to arrive.


A brief ceremony marks the beginning of the meeting. Pack ceremonies often consist of a flag presentation, a brief prayer, or a song. The Cub master also welcomes and introduces new members and special guests.


The program section of the meeting may include presentations and performances by the dens that demonstrate things the boys learned during the month, activities that involve the entire audience, or a featured event. An agenda and details for each pack meeting will be posted in the events section.

Recognition and Rank Advancement.

An important part of the pack meeting is formal recognition given to the Cub Scouts who have earned badges, adventure loops, pins or other awards, and the leaders who have earned training awards, religious emblems, or other community awards.


The closing begins with announcements about special events, coming activities, the theme for the next month, and the date of the next pack meeting, followed by a closing ceremony.

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